Apple Rumored to be working on a touchscreen MacBook Here Are All Details

January 12, 2023 By sanxbot00

Apple’s rumored to be working on a touchscreen MacBook, which would be the first ever touch-screen laptop by the company. The company has long resisted touchscreen laptops, as it feels the technology is unnecessary for a computer. But, it appears that the company is taking the opposite stance, and it may be about to implement an under-display camera on its iPhones, which would be a major advance in touchscreen technology.

Apple’s first touch-screen MacBook Pro

Apple’s first touch-screen MacBook Pro will reportedly keep the traditional laptop design but will incorporate a touchscreen. According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple engineers are actively working on the project.

Apple’s first touchscreen MacBook Pro could arrive in 2025. It may come in the form of a redesigned MacBook Pro, or it could be part of an upgrade to OLED displays. The latter would give users better viewing angles and colors.

Apple has been steadfast against adding touch features to its Macs for years. In fact, it even made prototype Macs with touchscreens that never went into production. However, the company has recently reversed its position on other areas.

Steve Jobs, the late Apple CEO, was notoriously critical of devices with touchscreens. He argued that they were “ergonomic terrible” and that vertical touch surfaces would cause arm fatigue.

Although a few Mac models already have touchscreens, they do not work in conjunction with the traditional keyboard and trackpad found in clamshell laptops. Despite Apple’s efforts, it has remained one of the last major PC makers to resist the idea.

Steve Jobs opposed touchscreen laptops

One of the more controversial aspects of Apple’s recent history is the company’s refusal to offer touch screen laptops. It has been a long-held belief that touchscreens are a waste of time, especially for consumers. Nonetheless, Apple has taken several steps to bring the “touch” into its devices.

In 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook compared a touchscreen to a toaster and fridge combination. However, while he has not confirmed rumors of a touchscreen MacBook Pro, Apple’s engineers are working on a touchscreen-friendly model. Moreover, the company’s new Touch Bar will eventually make its way onto the latest iteration of its notebooks.

The iPad is the most popular touch-enabled computer on the market. But even the iPad’s touchscreen-enabled features are not necessarily what’s best. Rather, Apple has been putting the emphasis on other things.

For example, the iPhone has an innovative screen design that incorporates organic light-emitting diode technology. This provides improved brightness and color.

Apple is working on an in-house all-in-one cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth chip

In a recent Bloomberg report, Apple’s engineering team is actively working on a project to develop an in-house all-in-one chip that would power Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular connectivity. This new chip would allow Apple to reduce reliance on outside components like Qualcomm and Broadcom.

While this new chip is not expected to be released anytime soon, it’s still a big step in the direction of reducing Apple’s dependence on third-party partners. If all goes as planned, Apple will start using a custom modem in one of its products by 2025.

As previously reported, Apple recently acquired the wireless modem business of Intel, and plans to use that technology on iPhones in the coming years. But in order to do so, Apple needs to get access to the necessary patents.

For the past several years, Apple has been developing its own modem chip to replace the Qualcomm and Broadcom parts it uses in its smartphones. The company aims to have the first cellular modem chip ready by early 2025.

Apple is planning to adopt under-display camera tech for its iPhones

According to a recent report by a Korean-based outlet, Apple is planning to implement under-display camera technology for its upcoming iPhones. This would allow the Face ID components to be placed under the display, eliminating the need for a cutout in the display. However, this new solution could be less responsive than its current counterpart.

Under-display cameras have already been seen in the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and RedMagic 7 Pro. While not widely available, the technology isn’t too far off. With under-display, the TrueDepth camera for Face ID would be placed under the screen, and will be hidden when not in use. It will make the overall display area appear seamless and improve the user’s sense of immersion.

The under-display technology hasn’t been widely available yet, and more companies are still on the hunt for solutions. Nevertheless, Apple is planning to adopt the new tech as soon as possible.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple will eventually implement under-display camera technology for its iPhones. His prediction is that the company will introduce under-display Face ID technology for the iPhone 16 Pro models in 2024. In 2025, the standard iPhone 17 models will receive the feature.